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Don't waste money on Tire & Wheel Protection from Auto Knight

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by mhle2000, Aug 13, 2010.

    mhle2000 guest

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    I recently had a terrible experience filing a claim for tire protection with Auto Knight.
    Last year I bought a new 2009 M5 from the Nick Alexander BMW dealer in Los Angeles and also bought the Auto Knight's Tire and Wheel Protection package.
    Last weekend I hit a pot hole and it damaged the front tire and put a dent on the rim. The side of the front tire has 1.5" crack. My rear tire also has a nail in it.

    Monday August 9th
    I called Auto Knight on Monday to file the claim and they told me to bring the car to a Discount Tire Centers. Auto Knight called back and said that the rear tire is not covered because the tire's thread has less than 3/32". I argued with them that is has more thread than that because it has only a few thousand miles on it. They wouldn't do anything with the front tire until their inspector come out and look at the tires. Auto Knight told me to bring the car back the next day.
    I went home and took my ruler out and measured the thread of the rear tire which has more than 4/32". The rep from the Discount Tire Centers measured from the wear line and not from the deepest lines of the tire. The rep must have gotten the instruction from Auto Knight on measuring the thread because that is not industry standard on measuring the thread of the tire.

    Tuesday, August 10th
    I had appointment with the Auto Knight's inspector to bring the car back to the Discount Tire Center at 5PM on Tuesday. I came there at 4:30PM and waited until 6:00PM and the inspector did not show up. The inspector said that he was stuck in traffic and is not available until Thursday, August 12th.
    Nothing has been done after 2 days.

    Thursday, August 12th
    I dropped of the car at the Discount Tire Centers at 8:00AM. I called the Discount Tire Center at 3:00PM for status and said that did have not heard back from Auto Knight since the inspector came out at 11:30AM.
    I called Auto Knight to ask what is going on. They told me that they only approve for repairing (patching) the rear tire and the front tire is only cosmetic and they wouldn't do anything about it. How can it be cosmetic when there is a big crack and the technician at the Discount Tire Centers said that it is not safe to drive? Auto Knight told me I should change the tire on my own expense.
    I felt so stupid because I purchased their Tire Protection policy. I paid so much for it and it is not any better than the free one I get if I purchase the tires from Costco or Sam's club. I also recommend you join AAA club for about $40/yr to get free towing and many other benefits.

    Luckyly I was not out of town and I have a second car to get around while patiently waiting for them to resolve the issue which they never did.

    ForcedInduction guest

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    Not a good experience that's for sure. :(
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    that sounds like a pain, those extended warranties are all a scam anyway, any tiny reason they can find not to pay you they'll take it, it's how they make money

    mhle2000 guest

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    The dealer wouldn't do anything. The fact is, I had to bring the car to the shop three times (three different days) just to get the tire patch. I asked them to send me to another authorize center because I knew the technician measured the tire tread wrong but they refused to. I could have spent $30 and not go thru the hassle.

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