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Does anything work here?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by BMWCCA1, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Is it just me or is the rest of the site—even beyond the very sad forum mess—not working, either?

    According to the website calendar of events, there hasn't been a National Board meeting since May with none planned. The links for News from National and the Board Meeting Minutes are dead. There's no way to view a digital copy of Roundel other than the current one.

    It looks like there was a board meeting planned for June 25 in Las Vegas but it's not on the website calendar, or in the May Roundel calendar, which pretty much violates the Club's bylaws. And if one was held, where are the minutes, especially those pertaining to the new website? Oh there it is, in the June print-version Roundel which most likely arrived one-week prior to the meeting. So, where are the minutes with the discussion of the web site launch? And how about a Club financial statement posted to the web site? Maybe by this time next year we can compare what the Club spent for its web site in 2010 to what it spent launching this new one.

    Am I just not capable of operating the new site or are these issues simply not being addressed? It woud also be interesting to track website hits before and after the re-launch. A month out now and I've about given up.

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