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Do you use steptronic, and do you like it?

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by vinayspbmw, Nov 4, 2010.

    vinayspbmw guest

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    Just curious about if any Z4 owners with Automatic transmission use the steptronic mode, how often, and do you like it?
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    I have an 07 Z4 Coupe with automatic/steptronic, but I rarely use it in that mode. Guess I have just gotten lazy as I got older. If anything, I use the "sport" mode more, and let the transmission figure out when to shift.

    I'm pretty sure if I were to somehow meet my 25-year-old-self somehow, he would probably kick my butt for acting that way...

    johnsz4 guest

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    I've only had my Z4 for a month, so I'm still babying her. About half my cars have been manual transmissions, so I found the Steptronic manual mode took a little getting used to in that it shifts more like a motorcycle. I'm starting to enjoy it at times, but I'm really spoiled with automatic in sport mode.
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    I don't see how those with Steptronic transmissions can possibly avoid it. Heck, if I was forced to use a Steppy and the settings were programmable, I'd have it default to Steptronic the second the car was started...
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    No and no.

    That is, Steptronic is merely BMW's term for their automatic (Porsche calls them Tiptronic transmissions).

    Do you mean, do people use the "manual" mode?

    I can tell you that whenever Party A finds herself in a car with an automatic, it gets slapped into FM (faux manual) as soon as she starts it. I tend to just slap 'em over to Sport, especially if it's one of the new eight-speed ZFs.
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    14th BMW '16 Z4 35is

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    Paddle Shifters!!

    My Z4 is ALWAYS in Sport Mode and shifted with the Paddle Shifters...it shifts A LOT faster and I get to decide when to shift up/down depending on the driving environment (which the computer cannot see!). Some folks complain about the fact that the shifters are not set up like Formula 1 (one = up; one = down), they don't like them, but I personally like them because: (1) you can drive with one hand and shift, and (2) sometimes you have to a hand off the wheel to turn, and you might want to shift right then, which you still can with the present setup.

    Freude am Fahren (und Schalten mit Paddles)...

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