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display flashing when inside car hot

Discussion in 'F01/F02 (2009-present)' started by Dougeulberg, Jun 22, 2017.

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    I have a 2014 750Li that when the car is sitting outside in the sun, the display panel on the dash (where the navigation is) flashes on and off until the inside of the car cools down a little. Is this something I should worry about. I also have another "gremlin" that pops up every once in awhile. I get a message stating my right side interactive headlight is bad. it hasn't happened for awhile but the light seems to move around like it is supposed to with cornering and such.
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    This is just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if the 1st you mention is the normal signal indicating the car is automatically venting hot inside air once it's detected temps have been reached to activate the system. Assuming your car has such a system - I vaguely recollect hearing something about that as a feature on some BMW's at some point in time. Not having any cars w/ that, I'm not familiar enough to know whether that's the case or not. I don't know if the iDrive system contains any owner's manual type info like that, maybe so, you'd think how that functions would warrant a mention in the owner's manual.

    If you're not getting any critical warnings, the car's computer system should log any fault messages that are generated, which the dealer can check the next time you're there for service. Unless you're a far distance or getting to a dealer is particularly inconvenient, they could check any errors logged pretty easily if you stop in (at least, I'd expect so). I don't know if it comes to error checking, but I think it's possible to configure some of the new BMW's to relay communication to a network or your dealer so you'd get email notifications if something comes up. If you're not seeing any malfunction with the headlight, that would seem to be a plus, but that also doesn't mean there isn't some issue, or rule out the possibility of false faults being triggered. The complicated electronics/engineering in modern BMW's leaves the door open to myriad possibilities for error messages getting triggered, etc.
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    The idrive screen keeps turning off it sounds like it's overheating and shuts down to protect itself and restarts. There will be a fault code logged in the CID for over temp and the cooling system will need to be checked for the CID. The second error your getting for the adaptive lights could be a software error I believe BMW has a SIB for this issue to program the vehicle.

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