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Discussion Starter: Forum personality

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by eblue540, Mar 8, 2008.

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    eblue540 Fourth Gen Bimmers

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    This is a brand new forum for e39ers. There are plenty of other e39 forums out there, maybe more for e39 than any other 5er. I belong to (and mostly lurk on) e39 forums on Roadfly, Yahoogroups and Bimmerforums. Those groups have their own distinct characters. My observation (many may not agree) is that Roadfly and especially Bimmerforums are very focused on the modification of the e39, while the Yahoogroups forum is well moderated, but tends to stick to pretty tightly to the discussion of DIY and maintenance issues, with few threads outside of those topics being picked up on for discussion.

    So what will the personality of this BMW CCA subforum be?

    Many here may be marque savy enough to BMW CCA pay dues and particpate in club chapter events. Some much more so than others. How many on this forum have an e39 as their daily driver bimmer to accompany the '02, the club racer, etc?

    Does any BMW CCA member here have an e39 as their only bimmer? That would be the category I fall into right now. For how many of those folks is the e39 a stepping stone car to some other more coveted newer, or older bimmer?

    I personally tend to participate in discussions around the shared enjoyement of these interesting cars. While I know that the e39 is still "just a used car" to most of the general population and maybe not on many BMW enthusiasts radar as anything special yet, I look forward to seeing what the folks who migrate here will choose to discuss.

    Will it be:

    Boy these cars sure were great before there were piles of grocery getter slush box 5xx beaters parked on every street corner and college campus.


    Why would you treat an e39 as a garage queen? Drive it into the ground and get everything out of it you can before it isn't worth fixing.


    I keep my e39 for fair weather sport and fun driving. I like keeping it well maintained and well shined. And I like talking with others who feel this way.

    What kind of group are we here?
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    my favorite subject (for the cars I own) is

    preventive -- maintenance!

    ...which, IMHO is the true power of the forums.

    ultimately it saves us $$$ and spares us some stress.

    .... learning from others' experience to prevent failures of your own
    .... things to watch out for and where possible, proactively address
    .... pass on your own experience to help others
    .... maintain high respect for fellow Bimmerheads

    I have learned a TON from Roadfly. And it has positively influenced the purchase of all three cars regarding features, options, and even 'where to buy' .... absolutely invaluable!

    I also subscride to Bimmer (besides Roundel, which is obvious enough) which benefits as well from the wisdom of Mike Miller.

    What I hope for here at the CCA forums is similar enthusiam to share SIB info while cooler heads prevail.
    I would assume the CCA members are a bit more measured and hopefully knowledgable.

    I love the e39. It is a modern classic...
    I also own the e46 and e85.

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