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Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by jersey325i, Nov 21, 2008.

    jersey325i guest

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    :confused:What are the discounts on parts and services? Do i just go to a dealership and just flash my card? Also do I have to buy the parts from the dealership (specifically performance parts). Thanks

    M3Driver guest

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    Dan - Should just have to show your BMW CCA card; mine actually put the discount in their computer and it calculates the discounts automatically. Some aftermarket BMW parts houses will honor the discount (or so I am told). However, I have been told in the past not all dealerships honor the Club discount. Best bet is to call before you make the trip.
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    steven s

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    Discounts vary from dealer to dealer.
    Always identify yourself as a BMW CCA member first. Some dealers use a different price matrix for members.
    You can buy parts from anyone you want.
    If you want to retain your warranty, it might depend on who you buy them from.
    I mean, if you install cross drilled, slotted, carbon fiber, cryogenically treated rotors with lifetimes brake pads and develop a shimmy in the front end, you may have a problem getting BMW NA to cover it.
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    Good to know beforehand that Authorized BMW dealers (at least in LA market) always sell parts ABOVE BMW suggested list prices and they vary from dealer to dealer as to pricing for same parts, etc. Call three dealers for same part number and get three different "list pricies". Further, this is another reason why the service advisers love to offer "discounts on big service jobs--because in fact they are NOT discounting anything at all! There are several really good OEM BMW dealers (ususally in remote markets, i.e. Kansas) looking to grow their parts business through internet pricing with honest discounts of up to 25-30% off genuine BMW list. Get your part number and give these folks a try and you will also save the sales tax! You can find some of these dealers through their ads in the Roundel. Good Luck sorting through the BS.
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    What StephenFord said is correct, even in countries other than Kalifornia.

    Remember too, that the discount is an optional benefit provided by the vendor, not by the club. Some vendors will honor it, some won't, and the discount varies. My local dealer makes me show my card each and every time because they do not wish to grant the discount to folks whose membership has expired.

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