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Dinan S3r

Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by mpauly, Jul 30, 2008.

    mpauly guest

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    As we speak I am having my 2006 M3 upgraded with a DINAN S3R package. What do i need to be aware of after this is complete? How bad is my milage during daily driving going to be? What about fuel requirments? Currently I use Shell 93 octane, if I only have access to 91 octane I add octane booster. I am also adding Brembo breaks all around,
    15" rotors, 6 piston in front, 14" 4 piston rears. The car is tracked 4-5 times each year.
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    To put it bluntly isn't this a bit late for these questions and concerns. As a Dinan dealer mysef I would hope your dealer could easily answer these questions for you. if not you have chosen the wrong Dinan dealer. You can also call Dinan direct for your area sales consultant who can give you all the information you require.

    Enjoy, and I'm sure you will.

    mdheller guest

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    I am one of the only other guys that has one of these cars on this forum. I have an 2003 that the Dealership used as a demo car and then sold off later. I don't think there is a whole lot that you would need to be aware of, the car is great and i can't think of anything that you should really need to "worry" about. I think it actually improved my gas milage from my stock e46 m3. I was getting around 14 mpg on with the stock car and I get 17.3 in the dinan car. I drive a mix of town and country so I don't know what that tells you about the gas milage and such. I always use 93 octane and so should you. You def don't want to be xxxx with your fuel air mixture and if you don't use the correct octane you will be doing exactly that. I've got the same brakes, its a brembo grand terismo kit, they let you stop on a dine, not too much to worry about. You should have a blast. Where are you in the country? we should get together and do a run..

    mpauly guest

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    I actually posted these questions before and wanted to hear from someone with the conversion for some first hand knowledge. I am in Iowa (Quad Cities) so I still have a couple of months of good driving weather. I get the car back next week with a track event on the 18th. Can't wait.

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