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Dealer refusing to install aftermarket wheels

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by crocnut, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I have a set of aftermarket winter wheels and tires that were purchased from tire rack. I usually swap them out at a local garage but decided to have them done at my dealership because I need other work done. Before I could even give them my name over the phone for an appointment (have been using this dealership for service over 10 years) I was told if the tires were not bought from the dealership BMW policy prevented them from simply swapping my wheels. Again these are two complete sets, both mounted on wheels, just asking them to unscrew some lug nuts and do a road force balance. Does anyone know of a BMW policy that would prevent them from installing aftermarket wheels if the tires weren’t purchased through them? Thanks for any help.
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    Nope, no idea! Puzzling to understand why, though...!
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    steven s

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    I gotta think it's a dealer issue.
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    That is not a BMW policy, BMW recommends OEM tires. My dealer installs any tire that is safe and the customer is ok with. I have tons of customers with aftermarket wheels for snow. I would ask the service manager why they have this rule seems like they are turning away a good service for no reason.

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