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Dealer Complaint

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by CorkySmith, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Not sure if this is correct forum for this question, but thought I would give it a shot. My 07 335i was damaged on a recent vist to a dealer while it was there for service. The damaged had not been noticed untill the followiing day, a Saturday 12/24. The dealers claim is that since I did not bring it to there attention untill later they can not and will not admit to or take responsibilty for the damage. Despite the fact that I called as soon as I noticed. The damage is not major, several scratches on lower rear fender the estimate from the dealer "at a discounted rate" is $ 860.00. The General manager is only willing to cover half the expense and offered a loaner. Despite my calim that I took the car straight home and parked it in my garage. I am very careful with my BMW and I am aware every little item nick or scratch that may occure up as the result of use.
    My question is this: Is there a contact phone number for complaints at BMWNA and or an email address to make a formal complaint about the dealers lack of cooperation and unwillingness to accept responsibilty.
    Or, what is my best course of action to have my car repaired.

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    steven s

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    BMW Customer Service is 800-831-1117
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    I don't know that you can expect much from BMW-NA, as BMW-NA, I think, considers dealerships to be independent businesses whose conduct BMW-NA has no control over. Dealerships are obviously expected to meet certain standards, but if it's not a warranty issue, I doubt BMW-NA would particularly involve itself here. BMW seems to stress the dealer's customer-satisfaction ratings highly, so that might be one thing in your favor in this scenario.

    The problem here is that you know exactly what you did with the car after you left the dealer, but the dealer doesn't, and that, not expecting such a thing from the dealer, you would not have thought to look the car over thoroughly before leaving the dealership, and nobody has any absolute proof about what happened when. Hard to speculate that something might be caught on dealership security cameras, _if_ it's even possible the damage might have happened while within the purview of a security camera (and then there's the issue of how long such video is archived or preserved; might be a 24hr loop or something like that and long gone).

    I can understand being frustrated over knowing that you didn't cause the damage and that the dealer did, and that the dealership should be on the hook for the cost of the whole repair. Unfortunately, without something to prove otherwise, the dealership's offer to cover 1/2 the cost plus a loaner while the repair is being done isn't bad, half is better than nothing.

    The only way I could think to make your case more definitive to the dealership is by your mileage, whereby they should have the exact mileage on your dropping the car-off, and barring a test drive, shouldn't have been but a bit different when you left, and, all you did was drive the car home, and back to the dealership after noticing the damage - if you know the exact route you drove, the car's mileage on the odometer should be a match, if measured, and would show that you weren't anyplace else; and, you'd have to show that the scratches that are on the car couldn't have come about from anything at your property, making a stronger case for the dealership being the most likely possibility. However, any other driving, errands, etcetera, would quickly invalidate the argument for it happening solely at the dealership, as other variables enter the picture with the car's presence outside of the dealership and your house.

    The club's ombudsman can help to mediate disputes, perhaps dig up whomever that is and relay your query. Best of luck with getting your bimmer back its beauty!
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    Since you admittedly didn't notice the scratches at the dealership, how do you know they weren't inflicted at the grocery store last week? Or anytime prior to dropping the car off at the dealership? We already have evidence that would question your powers of observation. ;)

    I think the dealer made a generous offer considering the situation. If this had happened at the grocery store you'd be making an insurance claim and not expecting Whole Foods to pay for your damage. Maybe that's the tact you should take now, too.

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