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Dash board removal?

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by Harry Seidel, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Harry Seidel

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    My problem stems from the push/pull head light switch which has loosened up on the back side. The assembly moves back and forth so that turning off the headlights by pushing in the switch does not activate the off position because the entire assembly moves backward when you push inward.

    With some difficulty I can pull the center dash piece forward and squirrel my fingers with even more difficulty behind it to the left and stabilize the switch enough to shut it off, however this effort is too unworkable for me.

    Repair will require the dash to be removed which I have attempted however the speedo cable (I think its speedo) at the center is restricting the removal. This cable heads towards the center of the dash at the rear and I would describe it as a 1/4" black cable that terminates into a 1'" silver cylinder that has thin grooves (perhaps for easy gripping) around its lip.

    Can this be removed and how?

    Does the headlight switch have a clip that secures it in position?

    I have owned a dozen 2002 types and never yet suffered this issue.

    mjgierlach guest

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    2002 Headlight switch loose

    Hello Harry:

    I've owned three 2002s and a 1972 2002tii.

    I think you need to tighten up the lock nut on the headlight switch rather than remove
    the dash board. The headlight switch is held in place by a shoulder nut that slips over
    the headlight switch shaft and screws onto the switch pulling it tight against a metal
    shoulder in the instrument cowl. The shoulder nut should be very visible (shiny) when
    you pull out the headlight switch shaft. If the headlight switch hasn't fallen into the cowl,
    then it should be repairable by tightening up the shoulder nut without removing the
    instrument cluster. You may have to remove the pull knob from the switch shaft to
    get to the shoulder nut; it's tightened with a slotted spanner wrench/socket. The shaft
    knob should just screw off counter clockwise, as viewed from the front of the switch.

    If you have to get your hands on the switch mechanism inside the IC cowl, you need to
    remove the instrument cluster, not the dash. The instrument cluster is held in with two
    large nuts with rubber washers. The nuts are approx 12mm in diameter with straight
    knurled surface. The nuts screw onto two long 4mm studs that are rivitted to the Speedo
    housing. If you can put your hand on the large cylinder around the speedo cable, then you
    can find the nuts that secure the instrument cluster; they are to the left and right of the
    speedo cable.

    Loosen the speedo cable securing nut (turn the big cylinder counter clockwise when
    viewing the nut from the back of the IC) first and pull out the speedo cable. Then remove
    the cluster securing nuts (counter clockwise when viewed from the back of the IC).

    The IC pulls out from the dash cowl from the front. There is a large modular wiring
    harness that connects to the IC that you have to disconnect in order to completely
    remove the cluster.

    Once the cluster is out, all the switches and cigarette lighter are accessible.
    Installation of the IC is the reverse of removal; the speedo cable requires some

    Send me email: gierlach@ulticom.com if you need any further assistance.

    Happy Motoring

    Matt Gierlach - BMW CCA #20953
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    It's actually a pretty simple process. I changed out a headlight switch in my '02 in a hotel parking lot with no tools and it took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Matt pretty well laid out the process. Reach up underneath, unscrew the speedo cable, remove the two nuts holding on the instrument cluster, push it forward, disconnect the wiring harness and it's out. You now have clear access to the headlight switch. It does sound like the locknut on the headlight switch probably loosened up. Should be an easy fix.

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