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Damen und autos

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Satch, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    I was poking around here and noticed somebody going on about how he couldn't sell his M5 because his wife liked it. There ensued a wistful sigh from several members whose wives-well, let's just say they weren't car guys. :eek:

    This got me wondering: Am I the only dude lucky enough to find a dame who's more of a BMW junkie than I am? I'd like to have the money she spent on matting and framing three Mobile Tradition posters!

    I just wish I were quick enough to remember to downshift the roadster when she's next to me and floors her damned 335i. Dang torque monster-that's cheating!

    By the way, her former husband-my ex-husband-in-law-still has an E28 M5. . . and a 2002 Touring.
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    That would be my wife. She is a peach.

    That M5 was very close to being parted out due to the fire damage (before I bought it) but she practically ordered me to spend money and time on it. I am currently rebuilding it for Vintage at theVineyards in May.

    She wants me to drop an S52 or M54 into the 325ti in the future, because the 200+hp lightweight flywheel and M3 exhaust equipped M50 that is in it now could be faster. You are not alone, but the good ones are rare.
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    Ditto. My wife test drove a bunch of cars and loved the 535i. Mostly because of the power and the handling. We have a no boring cars rule at home and I constantly tease her that her next car might be a Camry if she doesn't behave. That gets me a nice one finger salute and mention of my mother in unflattering terms.
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    My wife drove my 1998 M3 once and proclaimed; "you feel too much of the road...", like it was a BAD thing.

    She will most likely NEVER drive the supercharged M Roadster! However, she may like the 325 Touring that arrived in the driveway a couple weeks ago?

    No matter what, she will never be confused for an Automotive enthusiast, ever!
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    I'm single, it's cheaper to maintain a BMW than a woman :p
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Beverly - aka "Madame Secretary" due to her being the longest serving chapter officer - sold her 1999 A4 and picked up the M3 because the Audi had no soul. While she does prefer an automatic, I have witnessed her driving a stick and replacing her brakes. Her dad taught her well... and apparently wanted a son!

    She volunteers as a grid official for the SCCA, loves being around the cars and is not afraid to push cars into place or send a driver back to the paddock for an infraction and never tires of watching racing on TV. God I love this woman!
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    YYYYEEEEEESSSSS!!! Someone who understands!
    Though I have to admit a lot of you are really lucky to have wives like that. lol

    M3Driver guest

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    I have had two BMW's with many dollars in Dinan mods. My wife is cool about the entire thing and enjoys the cars as much as I do. I am, however, having to work a bit harder on getting her to accept the potential purchase of the Dinan Intercooled supercharger system for my M3. I am making progress though.....
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    My wife put a set of Koni shocks on her Christmas list once.
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    That will take you a WHILE to pay off...

    ... especially in marital "currency"


    Just sign the "lifetime indentured servant" contract, be done with it, and wait for your prize to arrive. :D

    thr33dviz guest

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    Well my contract is almost up and not renewing it this time. Got flack from day one of my new to me purchase. Glad to see some folks are lucky enough to have someone who understands!!

    Cheers all!

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