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Cross-posted: Eliminating the Dreaded Clutch-Delay Valve

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by Satch, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    (I also put this somewhere else, maybe the DIY forum.-SC)

    Okay: I am finally a member of the Hydraulic Fluid In The Armpits Club. That is, I finally got around to yanking out the CDV and replacing it with a bored-out version from Zeckhausen.

    In the Z4 M roadster, it's a ridiculously simple procedure. Click here to read a discussion of the advantages and procedures on other models; you can read Zeckhausen's analysis of the situation here.

    I noticed the difference within a block of La Jolla Independent, where Carl Nelson kindly allowed me enough lift time to perform this minor surgery. I no longer feel like a fourteen-year-old trying to master his first manual transmission! Best of all, the "ka-chunk" engagement of second gear---which I believe will eat the synchros sooner than later---seems to be significantly diminished.

    Michael Bird is currently writing up the CDV procedure for Roundel, as he is another passionate advocate of this procedure. I could have written such a story myself, but my hands were all slippery and I couldn't work a camera.

    sbiml guest

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    You are so right about getting rid of the CDV. A couple months ago I decided to not only take Mike Miller's advice about fluid changes but to also visit various forums to learn what else could/should be done to my 2006 E-46 M3. One suggestion was getting rid of the CDV (which I, too, replaced with the Zeckenhausen unit). The difference in shifting was phenomenal. No longer, like you, do I feel like I'm learning how to drive. And I'm inclined to think the replacement of my clutch, flywheel and t/o bearing (the only car in 40 years I've had that has needed these replacements which includes a few with over 100K miles) at 65K would not have been necessary had the CDV never existed.

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