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Crap Rebate. I’m canceling.

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by bhw3131, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Just got an email disqualifying the service loaner I bought as new from the rebate. Yet, they will accept Certified Used cars. This is the ONLY reason we are members, and when an organization writes a by-law like this to absolve themselves from their advertised responsibility, we have NO interest in supporting it.
    I’ll get $500 of satisfaction in canceling after having been a member for so many years. I’ll also do as much damage to BMWCCA on the forums as possible.
    Fuck BMCCA. I’ll never waste another dollar on them again. Instead, I should have saved the cost of my last ten years of membership fees. What a racket.
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    It sounds as if you're perhaps unaware the club doesn't have anything to do with determining how the rebate program works or its terms, all of which are instead determined solely by BMW. BMW offers the rebate program at its discretion as a perk to club members - for most of the club's history, there was no rebate program as an extra member benefit. Since both the website page about the rebate program & the application itself specifically mention loaners as ineligible for the rebate program, it's puzzling to see anger directed at the club. If anyplace, BMW would be where to direct any ire, although it likely falls on deaf ears for BMW's part since the terms stating loaners are among the ineligible vehicles are unambiguous. Since it's BMW's program, it's their sandbox, & therefore, their rules.
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