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Cracked circuit board

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by 125130, Jul 13, 2012.

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    I have a 1990 E30 with an apparent cracked circuit board and the odometer gears out, but my real issue is if there is anything special about removing an air bag steering wheel? There seem to be a bunch of warnings in the Bentley manual. I have had the battery undone for a couple of weeks, so I figure there should be no more charge in the SRS system even if it has a capacitor. Any advice that anyone has would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Mine doesn't have an airbag wheel, but I didn't have any problem removing the airbag wheel in my E34. I just made sure to keep myself clear in case it went off - airbags obviously have a lot of power, ya don't want to be in it's path if one goes. Loud too - maybe wear some earplugs?

    However, I've never had a problem pulling the instrument cluster in the E30 without having to remove the steering wheel. Google up some more diy's before launching in just to see what other approaches others may have taken.
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    I removed my cluster twice without removing the steering wheel. It can be done.
    TWICE! Grrrr!
    Whenever removing a steering wheel with an airbag, always disconnect the battery,

    Advice. Replace all your cluster bulbs while you have it out. I haven't driven the E30 at night much and noticed a cluster bulb was blown.

    Also be careful removing the knurled knob that fastens the front trim.
    I spun the knob off and it went flying somewhere in my dash. :)

    Pelican Parts has a nice writeup.
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    True dat - I dropped the right one as I removed it, it fell somewhere behind the center trim console, I've never found it, even having the center console out several times, AND swapping the heater core! Don't let them little buggers get away from ya!

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