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Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by Touring525i4dawgs, Jul 5, 2024.

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    Touring525i4dawgs '02 525it M sport

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    need coolant for our E60 530i. Of course this happened when the dealers are closed and my go to aftermarket place can't get it to me before an 600 mile round trip this week. Any good options at the local parts store?
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    Presumably any nitrate/phosphate free coolant could work (note I'm no expert on that, just deducing since Turner website says BMW G11 coolant is that) - Zerex website (Valvoline) mentions BMW in their G40 product description, & G48 has BMW on the label. O'Reilly's might have that in stock. When you put your car model in, O'Reilly site shows Zerex G48 as compatible, among several others.

    Put your car into Autozone site it shows a Peak O.E. Blue for european vehicles, plus a variety of Prestones.

    Fwiw, if you have the time (and maybe a funnel, extra empty gallon bottle, &/or really clean bucket, and latex/nitrile gloves), using distilled water to mix it 50/50 yourself ensures the best water mix - the pre-mixed is handy but I'd rather ensure it's distilled water vs. just some level of purified water. Clean up spills, animals are attracted to the sweet smell of coolant but it's toxic and will wipe them & their kidneys out.

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