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Coolant pump failed and valve cover cracked at 27,000 miles

Discussion in 'BMW' started by rbindc, Jul 14, 2019.

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    The coolant pump failed on my 2011 335is with less than 27,000 miles on the odometer. In addition, the dealer told me my valve cover was cracked (which my indy mechanic confirmed). I realize my car is out of warrantee but shouldn't BMW bear some responsibility for these premature failures? Inoticed that BMW has changed manufacturers for its coolant pumps. The dealer replaced my OEM pump with the new version.

    Has anyone had experience with requesting a "good faith" repair?
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    If you are wanting good will assistance for these issues. Best place to start is with BMW's customer service call center. Let them know what is going on a request the assistance for the premature failures. They can decide with your local dealer if assistance is appropriate or not.
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    If it's out of warranty, BMW is not liable unless it is a widespread issue.
    The cooling system is probably the weakest area of BMW since E36 era.

    Unless you are relying only on this car to get you around, take some time to learn how to fix things like these yourself. YouTube is your friend and popular BMW forums, including this one, can help you. You can buy the parts yourself and replace them; sometimes, you can even upgrade them to parts that better than the OEM part with more modern materials.

    Barring the above, you will need to pay top $dollars to your dealers to fix these.

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