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Coolant Draining Question Prior to Preventive Maint. Water Pump Change

Discussion in 'E90/E92/E93 M3 (2008-2013)' started by 106598, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Hello Everyone!
    So, my 2008 E92 M3 is approaching 113,700 miles and I am assuming that the OEM factory installed belt driven water pump is currently doing duty. I am the second owner and no records exist whether or not the original water pump has ever been changed......the one with the composite impeller. So, my preventive maintenance mind has me going back in with a brand new metal impeller German water pump. I am putting in a brand new "plastic" water pump pulley(does anyone know if someone makes a metal pulley?!) and all new mounting bolts for it and water pump + new drive belts for the water pump and a/c compressor. Will check the all idler pulleys for bearing wear, etc. Also have all new water hoses + a brand new all aluminum heavy duty radiator(no more aluminum plastic radiators for me although current one is fine but has 113,700 miles of heat/cooling cycling on it......why doesn't BMW put all aluminum radiators at least in the M-cars at the factory! Come on!)

    Question 1: How easy is it to access the radiator drain plug from under the car? Do I have to remove any of the under tray of the vehicle to access the drain plug? Anything in particular that I need to be cautious of other than the actual plug being plastic?

    Question 2: what is the coolant capacity for the S65 engine?

    Thank You Very Much for your advice,
    John M. Coates, Jr.
    San Diego Chapter BMW CCA
    Member #106598
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    I am not sure there is any company that is making steel impeller water pump for the s65 engine. I do know that I have not had a problem yet with this water pump and any M3 I have serviced. When doing the repair I recommend you replace the thermostat and coolant temp sensor with the updated harness. To drain the coolant you will need to remove the front under body panel and there should be a blue drain plug. Remove this and yes it is plastic so be careful. The vehicle should take about 3 gallons of coolant.
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    Hi Everyone!
    Thanks charlson89 for you inputs!

    1). Yes, there is a company that makes the metal impeller water pump for the S65 engine in our 2008-2013 E92
    M3's. Company = Geba, #W0133-1974941 from "Geek Parts" for $150. ECS Tuning also has it but $260 there.

    2). What is part number for the engine coolant temperature sensor with "the updated harness"?

    3). All aluminum radiator for the M3 that accepts all OEM shrouding/electric fan is made by:
    CSF for $549 and free shipping from "Geek Parts". Part number = 29115-08005909. In my personal opinion,
    this is the way to go! Triple core and 20% more efficient that the OEM aluminum/plastic crimped junk. Also, it
    is less costly than the OEM radiator. Go figure!
    I hope this help my fellow M3 BMWCCA members! Stay tuned for an update once I've changed out my cooling system!
    John M. Coates, Jr.
    BMWCCA Member #106598

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