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Convertable Top on 2007 650i

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by rlarnold, Mar 22, 2011.

    rlarnold guest

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    My top will not open or close.... the message i am receiving is "Convertable Top Not Locked". I am also unable to open the trunk with either the button inside the car or the button on the remote. Any suggestions on how to fix/correct that issue?

    The top is currently closed and appears to be completely shut. The light by the controls to open and close the top is currently blinking red.

    cwbiii guest

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    Probably visit the dealer...

    I don't know about that model specifically, but my wife's 2001 330i convertible requires that you hold the button until the light goes off. If you don't then it can get confused.
    Anything you can do is in the trunk so you need to be able to get it open.
    If you did hold the button but it never completed, then it is likely that the fluid for the system is low. It takes a bit of work to get at the system and top it off... the fluid is like liquid gold... very expensive for only a small amount.

    The pumps in the trunk behind the interior for the trunk... you need to remove it to gain access. If the pump will run when you press the button then you will be able to hear it behind the interior.

    I would say that you may also want to check the fuses since many systems are on separate fuses and relays so if there is a fuse out for the motor circuit then this could be the cause of the fault as well.

    It's probably simpler to find someone knowledgeable to service it for you.


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