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Control Display Auto Dimming

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by tomaudi3, Dec 3, 2020.

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    The control display on my 2019 530 and my 2021 X3 lacks the ability to control brightness during the daytime. Coming out of my garage the backup camera dims so much it is virtually useless. On tree lined streets or a cloudy day it constantly goes from bright white (my preferred setting) to a dull white, almost gray, making it useless when using navigation. The issue is that BMW replaced the on screen brightness of this screen during the daytime and nighttime with a single selection (nighttime only) They have installed a light sensor over the gasoline gauge in the instrument cluster to control screen brightness during the daytime. When the screen goes dim you can shine your cell phone light onto the gas gauge and the screen immediately brightens. Two dealers have verified this in my cars and other new cars but nothing has been corrected. The programmers at BMW have removed the code line called DIM-VARRIENT old and new and the selection removed. Coders in Canada and Europe have been able to code the 2019 autos but have not been successful in coding this back on the 2021 autos. This issue is not only disturbing because you can't read the screen but it is a safety issue. Hope BMWCCA can convince BMW to send a patch to fix this like they have done in the past.

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