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Continental Conti-Sports Feed Back

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by M3Driver, Apr 10, 2008.

    M3Driver guest

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    I'm curious if any other M3 drivers have installed these tires and have had the issues that I have had. When the Michelin's that came OEM wore out, I decided to save a few bucks and go with the "other" OEM Continentals from the Tire Rack. I understood that the trade-off would be a bit less handling but better treadlife.

    After a little over 6k miles, the treadlife is great but I've gotten horrible road noise from the front.

    I'm curious to other's experience with this tire and am planning to go back to my Michelins in the next month or so if I can tolerate it that long.


    baldwinw guest

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    I have never had any problems with the Continental's ( 2 sets so far) in both wet and dry cases. I also have not had any tire noise.

    jmc guest

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    I run them on my 540i/17s and Mini Clubman S/18's

    I think they are a great performance all-season. I did start to notice some minor tire noise after about 3k on the mini, I have not noticed any noise on the 540i after 10k.

    I would and plan to purchase them again.

    M3Driver guest

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    All - Thanks for the feedback. After about another 1k miles, the Connie's got taken off and the Michelin PS2's were put on. Got several thousand on them and they are still quiet and handle much better. I have heard the Continental Contact III is a better tire than the II, so I may try them again in the future.


    bmw3driver guest

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    Ive had the same noise problems on my 2001 330ci but i did have different tires on the rear. I recently changed all four to Mridgestone and so far quite and comfortable.
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    Continental ContiSportContacts aren't all season tires, they're actually high performance summers that aren't designed for anything resembling mud and/or snow.

    My experience with the OEM ContiSportContact on the MZ4 Coupe is that they're noisy after a certain amount of miles. There appear to be a much "harder" compound underneath the first layer of soft compound and once you wore the top layer off, the CSC (first generation) gets noisy from that point and wears down at a snails pace.

    Just my observation.

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