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Concours Prep Area (was Concours Cleaning)

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest 2010' started by mikeura, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Reposting this with a better title - hopefully this will stimulate some answers

    What is the set up for washing, waxing, q-tipping and other craziness associated with getting ready for the concours? Specifically,

    What is the location?
    What will be provided?
    Is the area coverered and/or is there a covered area for completed cars?
    Does room service deliver to the parking lot? At 2am?

    Thanks - Concours Crazy Person
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    - or not, since I think the only two people with the committee that read this are Mike Clemens (track events) and me (autocross). I suspect Darcy Yench knows the answer to this, but I'll go out on a limb with my local knowledge. Don't quote me on any of this.
    My first guess would be the Osthoff parking lots. They are closely wrapped around the 'wrong' side of the resort very close to the building. If so, I would expect multiple water sources (They gotta keep all the shrubberies moistened.) and a party atmosphere, as opposed to a lineup to get through.
    Well, everybody knows about water. I think everything else is (has been) donated by sponsors, so your guess is as good as mine.
    It is a possibility. Again, Darcy would know this; Linda Axelson might.
    Up to the Osthoff; probably up to the probability of having a profit out of keeping the staff on overnight. In the past, it has been at the instigation of participants to procure certain benefits or services from the host hotel, so it can pay to kinda' butter up the front desk and schmooze the concierge to see what comes of it. Sheboygan county folks tend to be pretty friendly, so you can talk to them. The hotel is quite used to the strange requests of motorsports fanatics since so much goes on there (Elkhart Lake/Road America) every summer. It's not like they never saw really nice cars and crazy car people before. In fact, we're gonna seem pretty tame to them.

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