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Coming soon to an M Roadster near me...

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by lcjhnsn, Mar 13, 2009.

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    just read through the thread- nice!!!!!! :) i'm surprised u are taking time away from ur driving to post on the forum! ;) congrats!!!
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    Sorry, the Dyno run was done as part of a Free Dyno Day & BBQ and free means no chart (that's worth seeing). The chart I got had a huge "blip" in the middle due to wheel slip on one run, then it just lists the max. hp & torque at the top.

    Nevermind the Alpine White Z3, beware an Alpine White 335 in the southwestern end of CT. There was a guy with a significantly augmented white 335 that put down 660bhp!!!
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    That guy better watch out. Remember the thread about the exploded 335 that some ricer owned?
    Also, my friend Brett just bought an 03 M3 that was seriously augmented right up until it ventilated the block. AA supercharger plus moron with nitrous button equals boom. He picked it up for a reasonable price and now we will have to replace the motor.

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