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color change

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by bodycustom1, Feb 23, 2011.

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    color change on my german el camino

    some pics of the color change I did to my 2004 330 ci custom- der strabe
    I flared rear wheel openings also,looks alot better with the rear flared as was the front from factory
    on the one pic secret of getting a really nice finish on the clear, I wet sand my dupont clear with a machine sander 1500 grit, then i take a buffer over it to bring out the shine-then on the flat surfaces I resand with an aluminum block-till surface is completely dull again-now I'm ready for the final 4 stages of buffing.
    alot of work but the end result is awesome
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    I guess there actually is a car in that first picture.
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    Wow I am impressed with your dedication to keep changing your car as your goal for it evolves. :cool: Changing a cars color is no small task. I really like the color you choose!! Is that the same as the new 1 series M coupe? Is it Inka? Whats the color already!! :D:D:D

    I am glad you painted it this color, there are just not enough bright colored cars on the road anymore. They seem to be all some shade of dirt, sand, etc. Kind of boring. Not that I have any bright cars. :(
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    Deutsch Marques

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    No kidding! Pretty much any car I look at, you have black, white and 8 choices of gray/silver to choose from. Whatever happened to green, blue, red, yellow, copper/gold, and other bright colored cars. Makes me miss my Tourmaline Violet 330i even more, as I think it was the only one in the US!

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    Nice job! You can order a BMW in any color you want through the BMW Individual program. Costs more and takes longer but you end up with something nobody else has (and possibly nobody wants when you go to resell it!).

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    Car?.....oh yeah, a CAR! What great bodywork! (car, too...)

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