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Clear Bra Installation

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by echima, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Has anybody tried doing this DIY? If so, how tricky is it? Would you recommend it, or just pay the piper. My dealer wants about $700 just for the installation!

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    This is the sort of thing where either you spend lots and lots of time doing it yourself for free, or you pay someone to do it for you, assuming you already have the material. To some, time is money; this is your choice to make.

    Another thing; you NEVER have a dealer do work to your car, unless it's under warranty! They should be classified as rapists, with the amount they charge! Try an indepenant mechanic, or another professional installer that deals with Clear Bras.
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    I agree with MOST of what az3579 says

    As far as the clear bra shield is concerned, I highly recommend having a professional do it. It does require some specialized preparation, it's awkward to handle when first installed, and you're really going to hate yourself if you don't install it just right the first time (i.e. finding air bubbles or gaps in coverage). Do your car and your sanity a favor -- spend the money to have the professionals deal with it instead.

    To his comment about dealer service work, warranty work would generally not apply to older cars like mine, which are long since past any kind of warranty. However, another exception would be that anything requiring specialized service or if it requires a GT1 computer that most independents don't have. 9 times out of 10, this exception is going to relate to cars or engines manufactured in relatively low volumes (like mine), or S-code engine service related to M-cars. One exception is any kind of recall or service bulletin work. Always take it to the dealer for that -- they're reimbursed directly by the manufacturer for it, it's always free, and it may help the manufacturer document the issue while your car is being serviced.

    For the most part, an independent mechanic can handle just about anything you can throw at them.
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    let a professional do it and make sure they warranty both the material and labor.

    cut out the middle man and don't go through a dealer for this either. find out who they use and contact them directly or find an authorized dealer yourself (go to xpel.com and search your zip).

    $700 should cover both the parts/labor IMO, but that depends on what's being wrapped.
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    I've done it for three cars, and wouldn't pay someone the outrageous amount the dealer wanted.
    The kits start at about $ 200, +-, depending on how much of the car you want to cover.
    There's a great instructional DVD with the better kits, and the installation supplies are included as well.
    The more difficult parts are the bumpers, buy hey...the bumper covers are plastic anyway.
    If you are the least bit 'handy', and will spend adequate time studying the instructional DVD (don't rush or shortcut anything), you can do a great job.
    Cleanliness of the work area, the car, and your hands is extremely important, by the way.
    If you're worried and nervous about doing the job right, the extra $ 500 may be 'good for the soul'.
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    I am not sure what car do you have but clear bra should run about 500-700 at most including the material. Find a reputable shop reviewed by BMW owners. . I am sloppy no matter how carefull I am thus I got all 3 my cars to be done by a shop but believe me after 120K miles total on all 3 cars, they all have perfect chip free - almost- front facias.

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    Unless you've done it before, I would recommend having a professional do it. I paid $800 for the materials and installation and that included the full bumper, a few inches up the hood and fenders, mirrors, headlights, and foglights. Look for certified installers in your area at www.ventureshield.com The other brand I remember is 3M but I think VentureShield bought them out or the other way around.
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    I have done two myself. You have to be very careful to get everything really clean before you start. You have to get the position correct at the begining because the only way to fix it later is to peel it off.

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