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Clean 2006 M3 Comp. Package

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by maxlfoster, Jun 1, 2011.

    maxlfoster guest

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    I don't know if anyone is in the market for an 06 M3, but I think this is the best deal I've seen since I've really been looking at these over the last two years. If I hadn't bought one about 4 months back I'd be all over this:


    Interlagos Blue, 33k miles, a MANUAL, and at a pretty reasonable price. I don't know if someone's bought it yet and I am NOT the seller (nor do I know the seller) so please don't hold me responsible if the car is no longer available, or if he is unwilling to ship it to you (I'll deliver for him :) ). I just think this belongs in a CCA member's hands!

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    Looks nice - always get a chuckle out of the "No Joyriders" or "No Lowballers" provisos on Craigslist ads...

    "Yes... you're selling this car? Well, I'm interested, I'm a low-balling joyrider, and I was just wondering if I could come beat the crap out of your pride & joy on an abusive extended test drive, and then insult you by offering you virtually nothing for it (if anything at all), since it won't be worth anything after my joyride anyway! If that sounds good, I'll be right over!"

    C'mon lowballers & joyriders... stand up, step up, and proudly proclaim yourself - heck, even get one of the bumper stickers: "I'm a low-baller & joy-rider.. & proud of it!" :p

    There is a bit of irony in ad-placers professing to not wanting something that no one would admit to... :p
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    this bimmer is exactly what i am looking for. if i only had the money. . .

    maxlfoster guest

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    Well if you lowball him, I'm sure he won't mind :)

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