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Classified Ad?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by lcjhnsn, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Where's the <drool> smiley when you need it .... :eek:
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    steven s

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    Put the house up for sale and live in the car?

    345861 guest

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    Sweet. I would have bought this instead of my R8 had it been available then. Good find!
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    Wow. An AC Schnitzer M1!

    They sure don't build them like that anymore -- a shame too! Nice find!

    Autohaus guest

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    Needs more low.

    I would take that over a job.

    I really need a job, though.
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    Wow do I AGREE with you!

    Still, you could write your own check by selling ANY M1.

    We're talking extremely low production numbers on even the "garden variety, factory" M1!

    That and these cars were gorgeous. Somewhat similar in appearance of its basic overall shape to the E31 8-series, while predating the later car's arrival by more than ten years.

    That and unlike the nose-heavy E31's, the M1 was mid-engined! Take that, Ferrari and Lamborghini!

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