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Chris' new crib

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by az3579, Jan 16, 2009.

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    You said you'd post pictures, but I - DON'T - SEE - ANY!

    Can't you tell I'm psyched? :)

    Autohaus guest

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    I started moving things Saturday night @ 11pm. I'm crazy. Then yesterday the 18th we managed to move just about everything. Good thing the house is only 4-5 blocks away. I'm having a house party on Saturday the 31st. I should invite Steve and Murrah over. Anyone else on this forum who lives not too far from Beacon, NY (Lance) is welcome to come. Hot dogs, burgers, 25 cent wings :) and lots of soda. I don't drink at all, so if you want too, bring your own alcohol. OK, ok, maybe I'll buy some beer for you ale guys. Let me know what you guys prefer. I will post pics later this week. We still have to go to the old house and clean things up.

    missmelyssa guest

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    you moved?

    Congrats on the move Chris. Especially in this economy.

    Autohaus guest

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    Yup. Needed a bigger place for the bimmers, kids, cats and dog. Botond, your coming next Saturday the 31st, right?

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