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Car Starting Problems

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by sjzking408, Oct 28, 2010.

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    Hello everyone, I am new to the BMW CCA forums, although I have been active on other bmw forums online. I have been a CCA member for over a year but just new to this forum.

    First of all, I would like to tell you about my car.It is a 2005 530i. I have been having a starting issue with my car for more than 2 months. My car has been at a BMW dealership for more than 1 month and still the problem has not been fixed.

    Problem: When starting the car. Sometimes it does not start. It does click and tries to start, makes that kukkkhh kukkkh noise, motor doesn't turn over. And at other times it starts, after 1 second, it dies. So far the following parts have been replaced:

    Camshaft Sensor
    Crankshaft Sensor
    Fuel Pump

    Yet the problem still exists. I am very frustrated with this problem, it has become a nightmare for me. I am starting this thread to see if any other CCA members have encountered this problem in the past or know someone else who has.

    The whole description of the problem with details can be found on my original thread at the bottom link:


    That is the original thread I started back in August. I would appreciate any feedback from any fellow CCA members.

    *All warranties are expired. All costs are being paid out of pocket (ouch). Car just hit the 100,XXX mileage mark.
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    I know this often sounds overly basic, but has the battery been LOAD tested? These cars are so sensitive to voltage fluctuations that a somewhat weak battery causes all sorts of issues. Always start simple and rule the battery out.

    sjzking408 guest

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    Yes, the battery was replaced about 4 months ago. And the daeler also tested it as well just to ensure the battery didn't go bad.
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    I just started having the same problem with my 2001 530i. It cranks over but will not start. It was running fine when I parked it about 1 month ago. I checked the battery and it is fine. I have fuel in the tank.
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    Ok I read your other forum, so let me get all this straight your car when doing this issue will crank just fine but will not start? The other is when it does start it runs for 1 second then dies correct? And so far you have had the battery replaced, camshaft sensors replaced, crankshaft sensors replaced, fuel pump replaced? Even though you said in the other thread the fuel pump fixed it you are obviously still having the same issues correct? Is there any way you can get a list of faults codes from your car that the dealer pulled that would help a bunch.

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