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Car stalls with A/C on

Discussion in 'F30 (2012-present)' started by my335gift, Dec 28, 2015.

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    original owner 2011 E92 335I 6 spd. Live in south Florida. On 80+ degree/high humidity days after 20 minutes of driving , randomly at a full stop either in neutral or with clutch fully depressed tach will fluctuate and car will stall. Car immediately restarts. problem started 6 months after initial delivery, dealer can't identify problem
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    Hmmm, long time to suffer such a problem, whatever it is, a shame they couldn't get it resolved under warranty. Once our resident tech Charlson recovers from his holiday eggnog coma, he might have some ideas. Does it do this with the a/c off? If so, then you'd have to guess something tied to having the a/c cycling, such as the compressor or compressor clutch causing enough drag to stall the engine, or maybe some combo of electric things triggering a shutdown, etc. If it does it regardless of a/c on/off, then it wouldn't be an obvious tie-in to a/c... but - it does it only when ambient temps are hot and engine temp is fully up? Never when engine's cold, getting up to temp, or if it's a cooler day, or lower humidity day? What about stop and go driving vs. a longer drive... does it stall after something like a 40 min-2hr highway drive coming to a stop off an exit ramp or back to street driving? If it's been like that since new, that would seem it would be unlikely for it to be something like weak battery or alternator... I _think_ the high pressure fuel pump (hpfp) issue by '11, BMW had come out with a reliable fuel pump, but, if for some reason temp or a/c caused a fuel interruption, that could be a stall. Wonder if somehow the electric water pump cycling could cause a stall. Without knowing anything definitive, can't rule anything out, unfortunately.

    Do some searching on E90post.com, bimmerfest.com, bimmerforums.com, maybe you'll come across someone there who's had something similar.
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    I'm back from my bourbon coma (didn't care for egg nog :p). I have seen this before and found that there was a software error for the N55 engine DME. Do you know your programming level to see how old it is?

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