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Car raffle, how do you draw against the grand prize?

Discussion in 'Member Benefits and Questions' started by pyao88, Jul 15, 2011.

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    It mentioned about this, but how does one win the grand prize with 2 cars? (what's the odds of that?)

    (One Main Prize will be awarded for every 5000 tickets sold)
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    Steven S may have more specific information. If you buy raffle tickets, I believe you are in the pool for all available prizes. I'm not sure exactly how they do that, although I suspect one means might be duplicate entries for whoever buys tickets. Presumably, 1 copy goes in the 'grand prize' pile, and another copy goes for the "rest of the cars" pile. That would be fair at least, if they wanted to do the grand prize drawing last, or, do it last, live. Otherwise, if they stick all entries into one pile (at O'fest, it's been a perforated, turning drum - low tech, but effective), the only way to ensure all entrants their fair chance at the grand prize would be to draw that first, then go on to drawing the cars. However, it could be done that way, and the announcement held until the end of the drawing.

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