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Car inoperable after towing

Discussion in 'E70 X5 (2007-2013)' started by mmerino@comcast.net, Dec 10, 2009.

    mmerino@comcast.net guest

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    I had some jackass criminal towing company non-consentually tow my X5 last Saturday. When we went to pick it up:

    1) The parking brake would not disengage ==> could not move the car
    2) The following lights were on: ABS, Flat Tire, DSC, Seat Belt
    3) The "ABS 4x4" warning was on in the center part of the dashboard
    4) The iDrive display showed the following message:

    "ABS 4x4 AWD, DSC, ABS, EBV
    All wheel drive system, DSC, ABS
    and EMERG EBV malfunction!
    Limited driving stability. Drive
    modeately. Have the system checked [...]"

    I do not yet know what the extent of the damage is (waiting for insurance to go see it before I have the car towed to the dealership for closer examination + repairs.) It seems these geniuses had broken into the car in their attempt to tow the car, supposedly to put it in neutral, which apparently they were unable to do prior to towing the car.

    I am concerned that the parking brake, transmission and maybe some of the electronics could be messed up. The latter is because when I arrived at the tow yard, the car's alarm was not baring as I would have expected it to be, since these jackasses broke into the car, so I guess they monkeyed around with the electronics too.

    The jackass owner of the towing company says he tows X5's all the time (and claims he does work for a local BMW dealership, in fact) and doesn't know what could have caused the damage; wants to "reset the computer" by unplugging the battery.

    1) Has anyone here experienced this problem before?
    2) What was the damage?
    3) Is it advisable to "reset" the computer as suggested?
    4) Would doing so clear any of the system fault logs?
    5) If I call BMW Roadside Assistance (as opposed to AAA) are they qualified to attempt some "debugging" on-site prior to towing?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'd let the towing company worry about it, send it to the dealer and send them the bill, if they refuse to pay take them to court

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