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Car Corrals at Limerock

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SBrasesco, Mar 17, 2011.

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    just got this email from Limerock Park....what gives???....is BMW no longer a featured marque??

    Hey, do you own a nice Audi, Corvette, Mazda, Porsche or VW?

    For those of you sayin’ “Yes,” we want to make sure you know about Lime Rock Park Car Corrals!

    Car Corrals are fun, because fellow owners all get to hang out with their automotive “tribe” in specially designated areas in the Infield during the major event weekends.

    Most Car Corrals include an on-track Parade Lap, too, usually for the first 25 (sometimes 50) cars in each Corral.

    We’ve already scheduled Car Corrals for the first two big weekends – Memorial Day Grand-Am and ALMS – and we’ll be letting you know soon about which Car Corral marques and models we’re scheduling for the NASCAR Whelen Modifieds and Historic Festival weekends.

    For the Grand-Am weekend, click here to read about Audi, Mazda, Porsche and VW Car Corrals.

    For the ALMS weekend, click here to read about Corvette and Porsche Corrals.

    If you want to be part of a Corral, you must purchase a Car Corral Ticket ahead of time; you cannot purchase Car Corral privileges at the gate the day-of.

    If you’ve already purchased an Admission Ticket for one of these two weekends and now you want to upgrade it to Car Corral status, you can do that over the phone for an additional $15 by calling the track office at 860.435.5000.

    So, c’mon, Corral your Car at Lime Rock!

    Think fast!

    The Staff at Lime Rock Park wish you a fun St. Patrick's Day...
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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Good question..... I can't believe we won't be having the "crest of the hill" parking privilages that have been offered for so many years. We will be there in April and I will ask around to see if it is an oversight or intentional. I bet we will still be able to gather as a group.
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    There are 2 facts in play here.

    Last year, Lime Rock sent out the same email at the beginning of the season. I had the same reaction... HEY, what about us?!?!?

    So, I emailed the office at LRP with the old Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Their response was: BMW is the Official Car of Lime Rock Park and we offer premium parking for BMWs at the top of the infield hill just inside the bridge at all of our public events.

    Now on to the 2nd item... setting up a Corral requires a fair amount of paperwork to be filled out by the Chapter containing the venue where the Corral will be held. That would be the CT Valley Chapter (of which I am the VP) and we haven't found anyone interested enough to fill out that paperwork. I believe there is also the requirement for a minimum number of cars.

    Now if someone wanted an official Corral at one of the big races (like maybe the July ALMS race), the CT Valley Chapter (me) would be happy to endorse and assist that person doing the required legwork to set it up.

    So, what do you say...
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    Okay I'm game...I belong to the Jersey & New York chapters....last year we got to do a parade lap the Labor Day weekend so this email took me by surprise...the featured marque was actually Mini ..and some fellow from the Jersey chapter arranged for the corral.
    I had not received this email last year so I was kinda Whiskey Tango Foxtrot myself!...lol
    What kind of leg work needs to be done???....can the NY Chapter sponsor something like this or does it have to be CT because of the location?.
    Thanks for the informative post
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    Aside from purely diplomatic considerations (will it annoy the CVC?), chapter events are not geographically restricted. For something like this, of course, you'd certainly want to extend invitation to CVC members as well as, well, every other 'CCA member who'd want to come.
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    ...to resurrect a long dormant thread...

    The Connecticut Valley Chapter would not be offended in any way shape or form if another Chapter was willing to organize anything at Lime Rock.

    In fact, it turned out that Paul Ngai from the NJ Chapter administered a general BMW Corral at the Labor Day 2011 Lime Rock Vintage Festival. As I understand it, the Corral was actually organized by a marketing firm not associated with BMW CCA, but the New Jersey Chapter was gracious enough to take on the effort of parking cars and directing traffic to get everyone out on the track and back off for the parade laps. (Thank you Paul!)
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    I realize I'm a bit late to the party, but I have gone to ALMS every year for the past few years and I'm a member of the CVC...I just need to get to some meet-ups at some point:) I was curious if anything was ever set up for the ALMS weekend? I've always wanted to hang with some fellow BMW enthusiasts at the race and have seen the BMW corral of cars before. Any word? BTW Lance…I’m in Colchester as well right on the Lebanon line.

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    I know at Petit last year the Peachtree Chapter did an excellent job of organizing an entire weekend of events and such, Jason over there might be able to give you some tips. The corral was pretty good, although, there was a random ford truck slipped in, I think it was mainly for comic relief. The Peachtree Chapter is pretty lighthearted (maybe thats why I won it their car show, they have a sense of humor)

    It may not be much help, but I'll help in anyway, I will be at Petit and VIR (super excited about that one).

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