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Can't see song titles/playlists?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by cwerley, May 11, 2009.

    cwerley guest

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    Found myself a used M3, which of course meant it didn't come with any "user guides"... It has the technology package (incl Nav) and the factory installed iPod integration. I've figured out how to hook my 2G Nano up using the iPod cable (USB) and play songs but the display is wonky. All the songs have a four letter random code - unless that song is playing, then I can see song name and artist.

    I can't seem to display my playlists either. It's almost as if the car software is organizing the songs into 25-song playlist "folders" named f00, f01, f02, etc. (the number of songs is a guess, I really don't know how many but noticed it started repeating songs...) And of course since I can't see song titles, I have no idea what's in them. I've started thinking of it as the Ultimate Shuffle. :D

    Anyone have any inkling on how I can get the actual song titles and playlists to download or sync, or something that would be more useful?

    Edit: 2008 E90 M3
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    To provide some insight;

    I'm not too sure of why your system is displaying the songs like that, but I do know that if you were to "browse" an iPod's folder structure on a computer, it is structered like that... F01, F02, etc. Having iPod integration, I would assume your car would treat an iPod like less of an mp3 player and more like an actual iPod, as the iPod doesn't organize music in any way like an mp3 player does.

    dhk42 guest

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    You are using a regular iPod cable. You need a special cable that splits the iPod connector into USB and AUX. When you use the BMW iPod cable you will see an iPod icon instead of the USB icon.


    cwerley guest

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    That worked - Thank You!

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