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camshaft position sensor

Discussion in 'E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)' started by Teddy, Jun 28, 2008.

    Teddy guest

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    I own a 1998 Z3 1.9. I noticed oil around the camshaft position sensor (I believe it is the cps). It is visible from the front of vehicle; just below head gasget; it is mounted with allen-type bolt; runs on a j-track and bends below the visible eye looking from top of engine. I have seen this part on-line - that is how I'm identifying it...
    Three questions: 1.) Does the oil surrounding the sensor mean it's bad or would a new o-ring address the problem? 2.) Is there any risk to changing this part or an o-ring? It appears very accessable in comparison to most components. 3.) Is there any type of recall on the cps for the Z3 1.9's? I noticed different models had voluntary recalls - whatever that means.
    Thanks for any advice. Your response it greatly appreciated.

    Teddy guest

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    Responding to my own thread (FYI). I did change the o-ring. VERY easy task with a flexible ratchet and 5mm hex attachment. Be careful when tightening. The o-ring may get an uneven start; this leads to an uneven alignment (the bolt will be drawing to the block while the o-ring is hung-up on one side). Do it slowly; monitoring alignment, and it will take you about 5 minutes total.
    Hope I don't have to change the sensor. I've never been able to trace far enough below the intake to find the electrical connection.
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    When the sensor goes bad, you will know from the check engine light and from the potential stalling caused by a failed CMP. These have a low failure rate, so don't worry. You might have had more thread traffic if you posted this in the E36/7 Z3 forum.

    Teddy guest

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    I do have a stall problem. I posted "startling engine stall while driving". It comes up under Z3 forum. Also another thread (any risks to changing a camshaft position sensor?)

    Can you possibly tell me how to locate and disconnect electrical connection - safely. I cannot find it from top. Upper intake looks like it's in the way.

    Also, I did change the o-ring on the cms. But looking at it today, the oil leak is not coming from surface between the sensor and the block. It appears to be on the underside of the sensor; where the wire/insulating jacket enter the sensor. Would this cause intemittent performance probs?


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