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Cabin Noises

Discussion in 'E81/E82/E87/E88 (2004-present)' started by Oregon, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Within another forum this was quite the popular topic, as it turns out modern BMW's are prone to plasticy cabin rattles. However, with a year of ownership in my wake I've learned to overlook all those niggly and potentially annoying little reminders of manufacturing imperfection.;) These BMW thingies ain't Ferraris nor do I expect them to be.

    Curiously, the other day after heading out for a drive the passenger door rattled like the car never has. Curiously again, about 10 miles in all settled down to the normalcy of the expected glovebox and rear seat storage tray squeaks and rattles. As a sidebar, the car had been sitting for two months.:confused:


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    When people were originally talking about the rattles, I couldn't figure out why. My car was rattle free with a pretty quiet cabin. Then it got cold out. So yes, I do get a few rattles, but nothing that really disturbs me, and hopefully they will go away when it gets warm again. I'll report back in few months.

    My daily driver rattles like a maraca, so even with the limited noise that I do have, it's still a nice change of pace.
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    I drove the 135 last night for the first time in about 3 weeks and I had a squeak in the dashboard I had NEVER heard before...really annoying!! Just like your door, it was gone in about 15 minutes and I didn't hear it again all night!? I can live with most squeaks and rattles but every now and then, you get one that drives you nuts!! I hope this one in the dashboard is gone for good!

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    What Cody says makes sense. When the rubber sealing around door jambs and such is cold, it constricts and more than likely does not seal correctly. This could theoretically cause the rattle. I would wager something similar applies to the dashboard in the above post. I remember at my grandmothers house in the winter the front door would close easily in the winter time...but then in the summer the door would take a bit more muscle to close. The rubber sealing expands in the heat cause a tighter seal and fit.I found an interesting read here: http://galileo.phys.virginia.edu/outreach/8thGradeSOL/EffectofTemperature.htm
    It discusses what happens at a molecular level when different types of rubber are heated or cooled. I would venture a bet to say our cars are like the "happy ball" LOL....

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    I think they found a similar effect on a space shuttle a few years ago.

    Hiya Adrean!

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    ^^^Yes that was a big deal with the space shuttle as well. I find it interesting how some of the science stuff I took for granted in school really does have applications in my everyday life.
    Nice to see ya AtrHugo!
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    Cabin Rattles

    It's really disappointing to hear about this. Nothing makes me want to trade a car more than a lot of little rattles and noises that don't belong. My first BMW was a 1974 2002tii and it was rattle free for the entire 10 years I owned it. I bought it used in 1978 with 9,000 miles on it for $5700 and sold it with 109,000 miles on it 10 years later for $5700.

    That said, the way I get rid of the little rattles is with a spray can of silicone. It's great for when two surfaces rub together and make a squeak or rattle. Just spray on a rag and wipe both surfaces. This works for doors, seats, glove box joints etc. The ones buried deep within the dash have no cure. If the dealer dismantles the dash, it will likely make things worse or maybe create another one. When I get one of those, I just scrap the car.

    I have a 95 M3 now. It's got the rare suede/cloth Motorsports interior. No rattles and it has worn very well. I Scotchguarded the cloth when it was new about 3 times. So far no stains in spite of many solo trips down to Putnam for driver schools. Road food on the interstate can be hazardous to your interior, but mine still looks new...and no rattles, just a squeak in the clutch hinge. I bought some bushings to fix that but the installation is a real miserable combination of procedures, so I just turn up the radio.

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