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Bye Bye 2007 X5 4.8i

Discussion in 'E70 X5 (2007-2013)' started by maierjc, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I bought a CPO 2007 BMW X5 in December 2009. I sold it yesterday! Took a bath financially, but could not stand the warranty hassels and problems I've been having with the vehicle. Everyone should be aware of how BMW does warranty repair. Great article in this month's Roundel Magazine's Tech Forum, pg 102, "BMW Warranty Procedures". Just one of several examples for me; BMW insisted that the dealer replace one or both of the "post-cat" sensors multiple times, before they would agree with the dealer's first analysis, and are now replacing (for someone else) the entire engine wiring harness! Seven visits to the dealership because of parts availability and the like, on just this one issue. (Yes I did disclose the wiring problem to the dealer to whom I sold the vehicle.) In all good conscience, I could not even attempt to sell this vehicle "Private Sale".

    My X-5 was also still under the original factory warranty (4/50000) when I sold it yesterday, but having planned to keep this vehicle "forever", I purchased a BMW maintenance protection plan in addition to the extreme premium price for the CPO warranty. Read both your CPO and maintenance protection contracts carefully! The only way any of the $2295.00 price of the maintenance protection plan can be refunded (as I read the contract) is for the vehicle to be distroyed in an accident during the first 50,000 miles of life. Most other mfgr's refund the unused portion of a 100,000 mile warranty. Check it out yourself...................

    Getting rid of this vehicle was extremely difficult (both emotionally and financially), but what joy is there in "Driving a BMW", if it spends much of its life in the shop, and you're just waiting for the next maintenance "shoe to drop". (I did get the opportunity to drive a wide variety of BMW's product line as loaner's, however.) I literally had the vehicle in the dealer's shop every month since purchase. Some months twice! Every one of my complaints was duplicated by the dealer's technicians.

    I had owned two Mercedes Benz vehicles prior to this experience (one sports car and one SUV) and never had the hassels experienced with this BMW. I'm sure my case is the exceptional extreme rather than the rule. But beware - BMW in my opinion - has a really lousy warranty program.

    On the bright side - the dealer was GREAT! Unfortunately, they did not manufacturer the vehicle, and their hand are tied tightly by BMW USA.
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    I found out the hard way that the extended maintenance is not refunded if you trade or sell the car. 2k flushed. I won't make that mistake on my current car.

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