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bosch spark plugs

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by admitmd, Jun 3, 2008.

    admitmd guest

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    I have a 1994 325i and plan to replace the spark plugs. Any recommendations on whether I should go with a 1) Bosch Spark Plug; Yttrium; Dual Electrode OR the 2) Bosch Platinum+4; 4 Electrode.

    If you have any experience with either, I'd appreciate your input. Thank you.

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    I don't have a reference handy, but i would stick with the BMW stock recommendation - always works for me.
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    I've been told that Platinum plugs are not good for BMW's, but I can't be sure as to the validity of that claim.

    I do know that I once had platinum plugs in my car and they were fouled prematurely. I know it isn't the operating condition of the engine as the previous plugs were in good, but worn, condition.

    Gatsby740iL guest

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    I second the OEM (Bosch or NGK usually) recommendations.. which can be found in your Owner's Manual.

    However.. if you'd like to try something different... I changed the plugs in my E38 ('01) 740iL, about 50 miles ago, with Bosch Yttrium Dual Electrode's and the car is running as smooth as ever! Personally.. I'd give them a shot and see what you think.

    Good Luck!

    -Gatsby :cool:

    admitmd guest

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    Thank you, all to those who have replied. I'm very appreciative for your input. I'll probably go with Bosch stock plugs that are stated in my owner's manual.


    Doc Holliday guest

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    Throw the platinums in the trash and go with copper. Better performance, and cheaper.

    Brucee36328is guest

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    Bosch Fusion

    I have more recently installed the Bosch Fusion (four prong platium/iridium) plugs in both my 328 and my S2000. Both work well! I have read and most manufactures claim that the iridium plugs will give better fuel milage. I too run iridium NGK's in my K1200RS, with 10,000 miles and no issue.

    for what it is worth

    bradley01 guest

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    I thought the stock plugs (at least in my E46) were platinum. BTW...they are NGK. I have heard better things about NGK than Bosch...just my $0.02

    ice28 guest

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    I know that my M30B34 motor in my 88' 535i runs like a champ with Bosch Silber or Copper... i usually go with the Silbers though... if your having trouble finding them autohausaz .com has them...

    AlexW guest

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    I ran the platinum's in my E30 325is (I think we have the same motor) for 20-24k miles without any issues whatsoever.

    Take care,

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