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BMWs win all

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Momo3Alice, Mar 14, 2008.

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    I used to drive all modified BMWs. My ex husband used to be a racer and he loved to modify BMWs. 2002, 320, 3.0CS ......we used to have friends who owned gas stations to help so the cars could pass the smog test. But they all end up being caught and they all lost their smog licence :0(
    starting from the year 2000 I've been driving original BMWs from the dealership. It's still so much fun. I love my 330i and Z4.
    BMWs are number one big win in Macau grand prix. And Macau's race track is TOUGH!!!
    My dream as a teenager was to be able to race in Macau Grand Prix.I used to do alot of street racing back in Hong Kong. Back in those days policemen (actually the system) were not this smart. But I couldn't fulfill my dream racing in Macau cause I moved to the US and my whole life style changed.
    My last thrill was driving a Cooper on Thunder Hill race track and I did 160mph and made turns at 100pmh after I gave up street racing for.
    I am a musician and music is my number one passion and I think the solid sound from a good exhaust pipe is the best music :0)
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    impressive knowledge and experience...

    please continue to share your perspectives. What do you think of the newest cars...... 1 and 3 series?

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