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BMW's electronics are KILLING me!

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by 195782, Nov 4, 2014.

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    This is not the BMW that I used to know.

    In the past I've owned a 1988 E28 ///M5 and a 1995 E36 ///M3.
    In a relative way, they were both simple, reliable German tanks.

    My wife and I now own a 2007 E92(?) 328i Wagon, purchased new in late 2006.
    It's now 8 years old with around 60K miles on it.
    During the first 7 years of it's life with us, it has been virtually bulletrproof.

    Now, during the last 8 months (in no particular order):

    1) Driver's side rear view mirror has stopped moving; no user serviceable parts inside; all I can do is replace it.
    2) Bolt head holding engine mount bracket to the frame sheared off (how did THAT happen?!); had to replace all 4 bolts.
    3) Adaptive headlight controller not working.
    4 This one hurts the most: The ABS/DSC pump has stopped working. Thus, no ABS or stability control until the unit is replaced and reprogrammed.

    Except for the bolts, I have not gotten around to getting these issues taken care of.
    I will have to eventually, especially the ABS pump.
    Just the ABS pump alone is a $1250 part!

    What makes me so ANGRY is, NONE of these issues were caused by negligence on my part.
    There is no maintenance schedule for the rear view mirror!
    These things just rolled over and died.

    German engineering is alive and well but, it seems German quality control is absolutely atrocious.

    I strongly suspect things like the headlight controller and ABS pump were manufactured by outside suppliers.
    I also suspect these suppliers could have made these devices last a very long time (which they should!), but, BMW forced them to engineer OUT the reliability in order for BMW to save money on these parts.

    This is inexcusable.

    My wife and I can afford this car. We can afford two of these cars.
    We have better things to spend our money on than this German money pit.
    It's as if the electronics were preprogrammed to die at 60K miles. It's uncanny.
    I need to get this car repaired and out of my life before the next $2000 gizmo dies on me.

    I will miss BMW. They are fantastic driving machines. I've felt a lot of loyalty to the brand and to the BMWCCA. I'm a past raffle winner. It paid for our wedding.

    Good luck to all of you in the future.
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    The driver's side rearview mirror is "repaired" as well as the ABS/DSC pump is "repaired".
    Total cost $3800.
    Most of that $3800 was for just the mirror and ABS/DSC pump.
    The pump alone was $2000.
    This is absolutely outrageous that manufacturers are making customers pay for these hyper-expensive spare "parts". They're more like subcomponents with no way to replace or repair anything inside them. Things like the mirror and the brake pump should last the life of the car. How difficult is that??
    I am not an engineer but this is just so so stupid.
    My gut tells me BMW decided to save $$ by forcing their suppliers to engineer out the reliability.
    It's not just BMW. I have a good friend with a very new VW Jetta Wagon. Thankfully it's under warranty. The instrument cluster back lighting level sensor went bad. They had to replace the ENTIRE instrument cluster...for a cheap light sensor.
    This will likely be the last BMW we'll own. BMW and other companies like this apparently think their customers are chumps. I'm done being a chump.
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    eblue540 Fourth Gen Bimmers

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    You sort of need to decide what kind of car user you want to be:

    1) The kind that likes new, techy, all singing, all-dancing with your Smartphone cars which will start blowing very expensive and unserviceable parts once the warranty is done - You should lease these cars for no longer than the duration of the warranty, and steer clear of them as used cars.

    2) Or you like cars that are lighter, more analog, less electronic, less "safe", and will have no warranty, so you or a trusted mechanic can work on them and replacement pieces cost less or they can be rebuilt - You should find the nicest one you can and then keep up with maintenance. These would probably be two generations older than current gen if they are BMW's. Become a You tube trained mechanic, enjoy shifting your own gears and maybe keep extras around (they are cheaper to buy - for now), so you can do projects and repairs without being without a ride.

    Not sure that I will own a newly built BMW at this point.

    Not sure if there is any other brand that you could buy new today that would not exhibit similar problems you are having in a similar time frame after new purchase as you are having with your e92.
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    The parts manager at the dealership where my mechanic lied to him. The ABS/DSC pump wasn't $1250, it was $2100. Nice! Sadly, eblue540, you are probably right. Things have changed so much in the manufacturing of these cars I'm not sure I can recommend anyone purchase a new one. The financial risk is just too great. I have better things to spend my $$ on. BTW - your 540 Sport looks sweet!

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