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BMW Extended Warranty

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by Kuo335586, Jul 8, 2010.

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    I purchased a 645Cic in June 2005 and at the time I purchased the BMW extended warranty. Since I have move and no longer take the car to the dealership where I purchased the car.

    Does anyone know what is and is not covered under the extended warranty?

    I recently had to have the wheels aligned and the current dealer charge me the standard rate.

    bty Love the car
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    Doesn't your warranty contract tell you what is (and is not) covered? You did keep a copy of the paperwork, didn't you?

    Failing that, in your place I would call the dealership that sold you the warranty, explain your situation ("I've moved out of the area, I've lost/never received my copy of the warranty terms," etc.) and ask them to mail you a copy of the coverage terms.

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    I don't know what your extended warranty covers but it's generally for defects in material or workmanship of major powertrain components. Maintenance/wear items are not usually covered in my experience but policies vary. A wheel alignment would not normally be covered but it's best to get a copy of your coverage.

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    Even if you purchased the extended maintenance plan (and not an extended warranty), I believe you still would have to pay for an alignment. Unless the car is constantly falling out of alignment, it is considered a "normal" wear item.

    FYI, I typically do a 4 wheel alignment every year.

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    Extended Warranty (not original owner)

    I am the second owner of my 2007 M Coupe. When at the dealership, I was told the extended plan was only available to original owners. First is this true? I was hoping to cover the drive train only. More time than miles.If is not true, is there a source for the best price?
    Thanks Rich
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    to see what's covered, check cpo on bmw-usa.com.
    cpo can only be added to a used car by a dealer while they own it, I've seen people trade a car in on paper, let the dealer certify it, and buy it back. otherwise, the available plan is original owner protection, obviously only for original owners

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