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BMW Business CD...

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by drummerfc, Dec 11, 2011.

    drummerfc guest

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    Question for anyone who knows...

    What is the meaning of "Business CD"? That it means business? That the amount of money one would be charged to have it fixed could start a small business? :p Or is it just a Bavarian thing and we Yanks just wouldn't understand...?

    I have a CD player in my 525...it says "BMW Business CD" but it looks, acts, and works like a CD one would use for enjoyment, not employment/business...

    Dumb, I know...but just thought I'd ask...
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    LOL!!! I thought the same thing too when I purchased my E39. I think their marketing department felt that only business executives buy the 5 series...hence the CD player was named 'business cd' for the benefit of those 'executives'. They should have taken a look at what names other companies were using for their sound systems (Monsoon, Mach MP3, etc) and perhaps performed more research as to who really purchases the 5 series.

    drummerfc guest

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    Sheesh, I'd thought this thread got lost out in cyber-space somewhere, never to return!! :D

    I guess this is the "mystery question of BMW life" and may never be answered.

    Post-script...on my "new" '06 E90, in the upper-left hand corner of the sound system, it says "BMW Professional". Still don't get it...:confused:...guess we're really not supposed to.

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