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BMW Assist

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by krisT, Apr 22, 2009.

    krisT guest

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    Now that the dealer has finally activated my BMW Assist...what can I expect from it? Will they call me and let me know when my car needs service? But wouldn't the car let me know that its time for maintenance? What are the benefits of having the Assist? I didn't get the convenience plan upgrade, which I believe is the directions, etc. But I have nav, so why would I need that?
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    krisT guest

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    Nope, don't know about OnStar, not a big fan of American cars...

    Thanks for the info!!

    Wanderlustbob guest

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    If you see the movie Live Free or Die Hard you can see it in action!!!

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    That didn't work out so well though did it?

    cmbasse guest

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    Please save your money and get AAA Platnium service it is$100.00 and they actually show up with in an hour or so.
    The BMW ass. deal took 6 hours NO GOOD! a waste of Money.

    And yes you have Nav so do not worry about the other for sure.

    I hope I just saved you some money.


    Jonathan Spira guest

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    You are comparing apples and <insert completely unrelated fruit here>.

    He is talking about BMW Assist and you are talking about an AAA road service offering.

    Besides, BMW Assist is free.

    cmbasse guest

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    BMW Assist is not all free.
    Whatever I still wouldn't wast a one cent on BMW assist.
    I would rather walk after the Assist I got I was only about 1.5 miles from the dealer.
    When this happened.
    Just do not depend on them for towing!
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