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BMW Assist Convenience Plan

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by alstroberg, Sep 15, 2010.

    alstroberg guest

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    BMW just sent me an offer to begin the Convenience Plan for my 6 month -old 650i- for $99/ 6 months. What has been your experience- is this worth it?
    My Saab had the OnStar service & was worse than useless, occasionally wrong.
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    I signed up for it on my 2010 328i, but to be honest, other than playing with the features (weather forecasts, headlines) I haven't used it.

    If I traveled extensively by car, I could see the added value. But, as I don't, I probably won't renew it when it comes due again.

    If you have the $99 lying around, you might try it, just to see if its something you personally might get some value from ...

    So....That's been my experience...
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    BMW Assist versus Roadside Assistance?

    Is BMW Assist something other than Roadside Assistance? Like, maybe, a concierge service?

    I can say that BMW Roadside Assistance has one advantage over other plans, even our Premium Membership: they will haul your car to the nearest BMW dealer (and to your preferred dealer if it's no more than 50 miles beyond that.)

    The advantage of the Premium Membership roadside service plan is that it applies to something like four family members at no extra cost. . . .

    This probably has nothing to do with BMW Assist, though, does it?! :eek:
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    Don't know about the Convenience Plan, but the BMW Assist did give me a small discount on my car insurance because of the GPS built in for theft recovery. Other than calling them every couple of months to check the system, I haven't used it.

    MrZip guest

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    The one time I could of used it - I couldn't - The battery was dead - I later found out as the battery weakens the first thing to disconnect is the BMW assist

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