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Blue Tooth Problem

Discussion in 'E65/E66 (2002-2008)' started by lorenz, Nov 10, 2010.

    lorenz guest

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    I have a 2006 750 Li and a Motorola Droid phone.

    When I am using bluetooth I get an intermittent noise (heard on both ends of the call) that is an electronic "buzz/crackle" which makes the call unintelligble.

    Has anyone encountered this?


    Loren Ziglin
    (608) 219-0870

    clcromartie guest

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    Happens to me about every other connection. Sucks, I haven't found a fix.
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    has never happend to me sounds like a software glitch

    could be remedied by a update ..
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    I have had to replace the microphone in a couple e65's for making weird noises but that was only on the person I called end. But also as Alpinaman stated above you could do a update depending on what the production date of your vehicle. There is a SIB (service information bulletin) out there from BMW that states for the new phones the TCU (telematics control unit) either needs to be updated by programming the vehicle or replaced and programmed with a new part. Yes the phone may work with the bluetooth system and operate but some noises or echo's can be heard due to the phone using a different type of bluetooth code or signal then that of what the TCU is looking for or trying to interpret.

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