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Blizzak WS-60's work great / TireRack Experience

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by neilg, Jan 18, 2009.

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    During the holidays I installed a set of four Blizzak WS-60's on my '07 328i. Wisconsin is enduring significant snow and very cold temps this winter....the Blizzak's work great. Last year I ran the OEM tires (Potenza's) thru the winter. As expected, the Potenza's were really bad in snow and felt like rocks during temps below 30F. The Blizzaks give me all the traction I can expect with a rear wheel drive car and do a very good job stopping the car on snow packed roads. Last week WI had -15F temps and the Blizzaks still felt flexible and safe to drive. A big change from summer tires (Potenza's)

    I bought the tires, a set of wheels, & TPM's from TireRack. Overall they offered competent advice, good price, and treated me well. A couple hours after I placed the order online Wes from TireRack called to verify that I realized I was ordering non-run flat tires. (I'm carrying a spare now) The tires arrived the following week mounted/balanced on the wheels. Only problem was one tire was mounted backwards (rotation-wise) and had to be re-mounted by my local mechanic. TireRack reimbursed my credit card after several emails/calls - - that's my only complaint. This was the second set of tires I purchased from them. Both times I give them a 'thumbs-up'.

    The Potenza's have 13k miles on them & are starting to wear out. I'll run them another season then ditch 'em & buy summer tires for the following year.

    Safe driving,
    - Neilg.

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