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Bilstein PSS 9

Discussion in 'E36 M3 (1995-1999)' started by tjrinaldi, Oct 25, 2010.

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    So I am curious about others' thoughts/satisfaction with their Bilstein PSS 9 system...

    I have installed on my '95 the entire system with the 9-way dampening shocks. Also done to finish up the mix are:
    - TMS swaybars F/R
    - w/ adj. sway links F/R
    - TMS adj. rear camber arms (awesome!)
    - TMS rear trailing arm bushings (hard anodized)
    - all other susp. bushings very solid/tight and functional (includes control arms, steering rack, tie rods, etc...)

    My initial thoughts after the installation were that the car felt VERY nimble and tight. The spring stiffness was a pleasant surprise for on the track. Through time though (I have been driving this setup for 8 months) I am beginning to dislike the stiffness of the springs on the street. I do know that the car has an aggressive setup and I should not be trying to get the best of both worlds, but what are some of the settings the rest of you guys use who are like me? I want an aggressive setup for the track (which by the way the car is simply amazing on) but still be able to drive daily in the summer with the occasional nice long freeway trip. I realize there is a bumpier ride all in all and this does not bother me, but the fiancee is becoming slightly annoyed with the ride during longer trips.

    I play around with the dampening settings but to be honest the highest (9) provides the smoothest rebound as the vehicle traverses rough road. I think this is because the Bilstein springs are just that stiff! Currently I am running my street setup with 17" //M Contour rims, Dunlop Wintersports, slightly lower than stock stance (with correct corner-weighting), and shock dampening at 4/9. The car is quite bouncy, and setting 1/9 is crazy bouncy; I can't imagine anyone using these lower settings.

    Does anyone some input here regarding my setup? Perhaps different dampening front/rear may help? Maybe scrapping this and going to a TC Kline setup??? Perhaps turning my car into a dedicated track car....hmmm.

    Lemme know...thanks in advance..
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    Try running a 'Minus One' wheel & tire combination. It will tame the ride a lot on the street. You've seen my white 535is at Oktoberfest on the 16" TSWs and Advan gumballs on BavAuto race springs & Bilstein HDs. It's rather annoying on the street, but great on track. On the street, I'm currently running some crappy old high profile BFGoodrich tires on 14" wheels. They give me a much smoother (but still firm) ride. When these tires die, I'll either replace them with something similar or mount something on my 15" E36 clone wheels. There's a reason most guys who do track and autocross have a second set of wheels & tires around ...

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