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Better SiriusXM deal..

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by alstroberg, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Like a lot of folks my new car (a 2010 E64) came with a year's subscription for Sirius Radio. That was up two weeks ago but because of what I felt was a bogus billing plan (a tacked-on at the end of ~10% to pay for "content") I did not renew at $12.95 / mo.
    I lived without it for 10 days.
    Today I received an e-mail offer to rejoin the fold for $6/ mo- ~ half price. I took this even with the same (but diminished) content fee.)

    Maybe wait before doing the automatic re-up.
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    Deutsch Marques

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    Sirius's rates have skyrocketed in the past couple years. And I find most music channels are falling into the same trap FM radio did years ago: Playing the same music over and over.

    Be careful waiting for them to call you though. Last year I "let my subscription lapse" and they kept the radios active. A couple months later, I had a knock-down-drop-out fight with their horrible customer service because I never told them to renew, and they insisted I owed them because they left the radios on.

    The tactic I wound up using after that, and again just earlier this week is this: Call the cancellation department and tell them you wish to drop your subscription because the prices are too high. Without argument, both times they offered me their "half price" special in which I renewed all three radios for another year. Oh, and I asked that I keep the online account for listening on the computer at no extra charge (it used to be included, but is now an extra $4/month!)

    Seems the regular customer service is outsourced to who-knows-where and they are generally unpleasant and uncooperative. However the cancellations department sounds like they are in the states and are willing to do much more to keep customers, even at half price, than lose them and get nothing at all.

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