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Best Tire and rim sizes for track

Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by mpauly, Apr 29, 2008.

    mpauly guest

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    I have purchased a used 2006 M3 with Stock 19" wheel with Michelin pilots. I also have a 2005 330xi with Dinan S1 perfomance option. I bought 18" BMW rims and Bridgstone RE-01R performance tires. My first question is, will these rims fit the M3, or is the bolt patern and ofset different? And if they won't fit should I stay with the 19" wheels or go to 18" wheels? I have read articles indicating that the 18" would be better for track use. Can anyone help? I have had great luck with the Bridgstones.

    batmanm3 guest

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    Not sure if your 18's from your 330 will fit...depends on the offset or ET and you may need spacers or it may not fit at all...

    18 are definitely better for track use...lighter, more choice, cheaper...
    Forged wheels are stronger and lighter in general compared to cast...but also more expensive.
    Street tires are good to start learning on for HPDE, but once you get better, it is better to have a dedicated track wheel and R-comps...

    I've used stock 18, OZ Superleggera, and SSR Comp for track wheels...all work fine
    Tires include stock Bridgestone So3, Dunlop SSR in 265 width, Toyo RA-1 in 275, and Hoosiers in 245/275 wets.

    Square setup is the way to go...the M3 has plenty of understeer that needs to be dialed out so same width all round it better.

    Hope that helps

    mpauly guest

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    Thanks for the help.

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