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Best iPod Connections

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by Pete540i, Jul 22, 2008.

    Pete540i guest

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    I have a 1993 Euro Spec 318is and a 1997 US Spec 540i (with premium sound). What is the most compatible retro-fit/after market configuration that would allow me to connect my iPod (Nano 3rd gen) to my cars? I don't want an FM radio connection - I prefer a hard line where the iPod gets charged. Additionally, I don't care about seeing the display. I'd like to just start with a playlist and go - possibly use the iPod functions to skip or go back a track or two. I also don't mind changing the head units but prefer to keep them stock. Thanks.

    Jonathan Spira guest

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    In the 540i, which either would have a MID or a nav display, you really can't change the "head unit" since there is none. In my E39 5er, I had the Dension ice>Link but that hasn't been made in several years. Someone recently mentioned that Crutchfield has a possible solution so you might try there.

    The ice>Link was great (except that it froze, no pun intended, every so often) and it allowed full control through the MID or nav with full display.

    Before I had the ice>Link, I had a PhatBox. Both connected via the CD changer port in the trunk.

    Keep in mind that, with DSP (premium sound), your options may be more limited and/or you may need special adapters.

    As far as the 318is is concerned, when I had an E36, I didn't have an iPod so I never attempted this and have no other suggestion than to enquire at Crutchfield.

    Pete540i guest

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    Thanks Jonathan - good gouge. If all works out - I'll write back and let yoouknow what the solution was. Ciao.

    bmwmedic guest

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    Have you checked into the DICE adaptor?
    It seems to be a "son of ICE" deal but it is very popular with the e46fanatics crowd.

    a site sponsor overthere is
    they have a simple aux adaptor as well as the dice.
    I am fixin to buy all new e39 speakers from them for my 01 and have dealt with them before,
    if you do, let them know where the recconmendation came from, always helps to encourage forum support.

    oh yes and these folks
    frankly I ma new to this forum but crutchfield is not mentioned on other forums as much as here. THe above two places are way more knowledgeable re bmws, I believe
    good luck

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