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Be careful BMW owners! BMW may report you to the credit bureau!

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by paramountart, May 23, 2010.

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    BMW may report you to the credit bureau even though it could be their mistake. I owned a BMW and my ex husband wanted to buy another BMW for our daughter. First he went to Park avenue dealer. They told my ex that he could not lease the car because he is not the NJ resident, which is not true.
    They advised me to use my identity. After we made two month of deposit we sort of waiting for the statement to set up the auto pay. Initially, they supposed to send the statement to my ex but they told me that they sent me the statement to me, which were never arrived.
    No courtesy calls and no statement neither my ex or me.
    Then, i found out they reported me to the credit bureau. Called my sales person and he promised to take care of it. Now, regardless their wrong initial advise and no statement by mistake I will be the one who will end up with bad credit score and possibly jeopardize my finance.
    I had been loyal to BMW over 20 years and never been late for my payment.
    Do yo think should they take some responsibility and correct their incorrect report??
    Please help me to correct their unfair report..
    My email address is paramountart@aol.com Please help!
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    You can challenge errors and mistakes on your credit report

    Provided it really was an honest error and a mistake, you can correct ANY erroneous information on your credit report. It's estimated as many as 79 percent of credit reports have at least some kind of error(s) on them.

    Go to this link to find out how to do this. Good luck.


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